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About Me


My career, like myself has evolved and grown over time. This role did not exist when I was at school, so I spent years searching for expression in the built environment as a draftsman then engineer before discovering my way as an artist, now designer and director. What I couldn’t see back then was that I would end up pursuing something I love so much.

This isn’t work. This is my medium.

The pre-built world of visualisations is a world of exploration. A link to the future. My early experience taught me how materials behave in reality, and the economics of construction (a rare insight in the visualisation community!). So I measure the mastery of my craft not just on the final image, but the integrity of the collaborative process.

I believe that renders should not just aspire to realism, but rather convey design with such beauty they become a complete argument for the built form.

With over a decade’s experience in managing the visualisation process, working with international Architects, Developers, Real Estate Agencies, and TV Production, I’ve learnt how to bring out the best in a team and deliver peace of mind to clients. A love of art, architecture, technology and education is what drives me, and with the amazing advancements I have seen over my career, there really is limitless possibility.



Very happy with the process, and we will work again. Misho; Founder Misho+Associates
‘The resulting images were very well received. They generated interest from publications in print and online, and potentially further work from new clients who liked the way the images conveyed our ability to think ‘outside the box’ as a practice.” Huw Turner: Collins and Turner

“The process was so informative to test ideas about materiality, construction detailing, spatial experiences, behaviour of natural light, in particular western light and most importantly communicating to a very important client – my family. The process of option explorations was quick and informative, and was able to formally guide me to the solution we have built,” Peter Miglis: Woods Bagot
“Matthew is a very positive minded person who always looks for a challenge. Working with him is always an enjoyable experience as well as a learning experience and I will work with him in the subsequent projects that are in the pipeline already”. Neil Premaratne

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